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Each tab boasts a substantial 155µg (micrograms) of the active ingredient, providing a reliable and consistent dosage. Buy LSD-25 Blotter now.

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Buy LSD-25 Blotter (155ug)

Explore the fascinating realm of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, commonly known as LSD, a prominent member of the classical hallucinogens or psychedelics. These compounds share a chemical structure akin to serotonin, allowing them to bind with serotonin (5HT) receptors in the brain, resulting in consciousness-altering effects and various interactions within the brain.

LSD stands out as one of the more potent classical psychedelics, characterized by a prolonged duration compared to its counterparts. Users may encounter visual hallucinations/distortions, euphoria, synesthesia (cross-sensory experiences), and an enhanced sense of connection, either with those around them or the broader universe.

Our blotter features authentic LSD-25, not an analogue often found on other sites falsely claiming to offer LSD, which may, in reality, be 1P-LSD. To ensure consistency and purity, each batch undergoes rigorous testing with both Erlich’s and Hoffman’s reagents. This dual testing method confirms the product as LSD-25, distinguishing it from analogues that might appear as genuine LSD when tested solely with the Elrich’s reagent.

Each tab boasts a substantial 155µg (micrograms) of the active ingredient, providing a reliable and consistent dosage.


  • 50 tabs for $220
  • 100 tabs for $400
  • 200 tabs for $640

For larger quantities, kindly reach out to us through direct messaging.

Dosage Guidelines:

  • Mild Experience: Half tab (~80µg)
  • Medium Experience: One tab (155µg)
  • Intense Experience: One and a half tabs (~240µg)

Storage is crucial for maintaining potency. Keep the tabs in a cool, dry, and dark environment, as exposure to oxygen, light, or temperatures exceeding 35°C may compromise their effectiveness.

A quick note: High doses of psychedelics act as non-specific amplifiers and may not be suitable for individuals with anxiety conditions. Additionally, the effects of psychedelics can be nullified by antidepressants in some cases. Please exercise caution and responsible use.



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